Madder Red

Madder Red

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120x80 cm

Madder Red is a beautiful, rich and deep shade achieved with a humble plant Madder which has been known to humanity for many many years. 

Note :

1. We use exclusively natural plant extracts in our dyeing processes. It is not possible to standardize this process 100% and therefore variation in final color shade can occur. Please count with a possibility of 10% difference in the final shade of your sheets in comparison to the shades in the pictures here. 

2. We allow up to 5 sheets per color order that can be placed through our online store. For orders above this quantity special prices apply. Please contact our sales department for more information on the same. 

3. Cannot choose the right gsm? Wondering if the material has a backing and what is the right choice of gsm for your products? Click on this link to learn more about the material range and difference between weights.

4. We work on backorder. The usual lead time for the production of a sheet is 5 to 6 weeks and it is necessary to plan your order of Malai well in advance to avoid delays. The shipping usually takes 4-6 days depending on destination.