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Interview with Zuzana by Made in Earth

Last month our co-founder Zuzana was interviewed about her journey as a material research practitioner by Jeremie from Made in Earth ( Architectural practice for the occasion of creating a book for Colab material library in the Design District in Dubai.  Read the Interview between Zuzana and Jeremie by clicking on the image below.   

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Coconut leather is the thing! Features in the Hindu

Zuzana Gombosova, co-founder and director of Malai Biomaterials — the first brand to work with coconut leather in India in 2018 — is currently working on further research with Cochin University of Science and Technology the University of Cochin and IIT Hyderabad. “We aim to improve some of the mechanical properties of the materials we produce such as tensile strength, elongation and abrasion resistance. We are also working on better protection of our natural materials towards fungal activity,” she says of the brand that supplies raw material to the likes of Waraq, Molik, Riti, Mixmitti and Studio Beej among others. 

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