The Material Range

Malai is made in the form of sheets, each sheet is 120x80cm large. Technically we can produce sheets of any size or shape but our finishing technology is currently set to these dimensions. 

The Natural color or Malai sheets are beige-yellowish and we call this shade Natural. We dye sheets of Malai using plant based mordant free dyes. Plant extracts like Indigo, Madder, Cutch or Marigold petals are used in order to achieve warm earthy colors. 

Because we use exclusively natural plant based dyes it can be difficult to work for us according to Pantone codes. There can be a variation in final shade of the sheet, a difference of up to 10% is not uncommon. 

We produce Malai in 9 color shades : Natural, Cumin Yellow, Cutch Brown, Dusky Pink, Madder Red, Leafy Green, Light Indigo, Dark Indigo and Dark Grey. 



During the production process we can tailor the final weight, thickness and strength of the material. We offer Malai sheets in 3 weights : 500 gsm, 650 gsm and 800 gsm. 

The higher the gsm the stronger and thicker the material is. No textile backing is used on our sheets. The material has no front and reverse side - both sides have the same appearance.


Malai can be used for most processes in animal leather. 

It can be hand sewn, machine sewn, cut, laser cut, embossed glued and skived. 

We have tested and tried using Malai on a wide range of products. Malai is still undergoing R&D process in order to finetune its tensile strength, abrasion resistance and elongation %. 

The success of using Malai biocomposite depends greatly on three factors : application, design and manufacturing method.


In comparison with conventional hydes Malai has lower tensile strength therefore it is not suitable for all kinds of footwear types yet. We have so far successfully tested it for use in light footwear, sandals and slippers. 



Malai performs quite well when applied on products like bags, wallets, pouches, etc. Here design is the decisive factor. Due to its semi-stiff temper it is suitable especially for structural products that require holding shape. 


Interior products

A wide array of products for interior use can be made using Malai ranging from furniture, cushions, stationary, storage boxes or surface panels.




It is difficult to provide an exact data on comparison of mechanical properties of animal leather and Malai. The reason is the fact that mechanical properties of individual leather hides can vary a great deal. 

We are actively conducting tests on Malai sheets in order to standardize and interpret the measured values correctly and in context with use in the leather-making goods industry. 

The test report data sheets can be shared on request.