Material Care

A product made from Malai will last 4-8 years years if properly cared for, however should you wish to have a clear-out, it can simply be placed in with your compostable rubbish and it will naturally break down.
Malai is a very user-friendly material. Because of its entirely natural composition it is sensitive to humidity, much like paper or leather. To ensure it remains at its best we suggest applying a thin layer of beeswax (either a clear shoe polish or a furniture grade beeswax) or coconut oil (to continue Malai’s completely vegan credentials) to the surface to ensure it remains moisturised. This is especially advisable during hot, dry weather or after cleaning. Try to keep your malai sheets or products outside areas of prolonged exposure to high levels of humidity or away from direct sources of heat. 
Yup, don’t panic if you spill something on your Malai or if it becomes dirty because it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and then left to air-dry (although it won’t survive a trip through the washing machine). We advise against drying with intense heat or ironing it as this may cause damage. When it has dried, applying beeswax (see above) will help restore it to its original condition.


 Although tough by nature and designed to remain in good condition for many years, Malai will eventually start to break down. We cannot predict the rate at which this will happen because it is very specific to its treatment and the environment.  Although we do not operate a repair service, should damage occur please contact us and we will endeavour to suggest how it could be fixed.
When you feel your Malai product has reached the end of its lifecycle it can be disposed of in your compost bin (once any metal parts or trimmings have been removed). It will take microorganisms naturally occurring in compost up to 3 months to eat through all the malai. No toxic residues remain in soil after biodegradation. 

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