Malai in interior applications

We have been testing Malai in various interior applications for past 1.5  years.

Using Malai as an upholstery material is possible however only manual stretching of the material is possible due to material’s tensile strength ( which is lower than the one of animal hide).

You can use malai on smaller areas such as backrest or arm rest however we would not recommend to use it on a whole sofa upholstery.

It is possible to use Malai for making a variety of interior products such as pillows, storage boxes, stationary items, wall paneling, blinds, lamp shades, etc. A variety of gsm can be used according to the product’s design.

Below are few examples of prototypes made by various brands & designers ( TON, Studio SAR, Mlai Studio)

If you have any questions related to using Malai in interior applications please don’t hesitate to contact us :