Malai x Ma-tt-er

Ma-tt-er is a research design studio that explores the past, present and future of materials.
Working across industry and education, it advises and supports the implementation of responsible materials to shape the immediate, near and far future, examining their potential within the next one to five years, five to fifteen years and fifteen years plus.
By considering identity, lifecycles and systems thinking, it proposes an alternative approach to applying materials, encouraging a positive economic, environmental and social change, revealing the truth of how we live today and might live tomorrow.

Seetal Solanki, the founder of Ma-tt-er has authored a book published in September 2018 called Why Materials Matter. For the occasion of its launch during the London Design Festival she commissioned several studios and designers renown for their unique approach to materiality to design and produce bookstands.

We have been commissioned to make book covers and bookmarks for the newly published title and it’s been the most enjoyable job ever!

The objects were on display at Ma-tt-er’s exhibition at the Yeoman Row’s (Brompton Design District) during the London Design Festival 2018 and continued their journey as part of our exhibition at the Designblok Prague 2018.

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