Malai x Crafting Plastics!

Crafting Plastics! is an interdisciplinary studio based between Berlin and Bratislava. Team of the studio focuses on design research and provide a base for interdisciplinary progress towards enjoyable sustainability and more transparent production. This dynamic studio has been developing a new generation of bioplastic materials in collaboration with Prof. Alexy from Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

By combining craft + technology, fast + slow production methods, they discover the mostly unknown field of bioplastics derived from plants. These, together with compatible technologies, are being explored and possible applications tested.

We met Crafting Plastics! studio in 2017 and found that we share values, views and visions about sustainability and passion for material research. Both our materials of study belong to the category of biodegradable materials and target problems occurring in fashion industry such as overconsumption, environmental pollution and constant quest for novelty.

We have been experimenting with each other’s materials for a while and decided to keep our collaboration opened. As a first outcome we are presenting a prototype of a biodegradable shoe made from Malai and Nuatan materials designed and made by Berlin based footwear designer Sophia Guggenberger.

This shoe was presented at the Designblok Prague ( Czech Republic )  in October 2018.

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