Malai at LDF

We were honoured to show with All Things in Between Collective at the London Design Festival in September 2018.

All Things in Between is a collective formed in 2015 by Daniela Toledo, Zuzana Gombosova and Dawn Bendick, this year joined by Berlin-based designed Sophie Rowley.

Malai joined the exhibition with a collection of accessories designed and made in their studio showcasing different methods of working with this new material.

To read more about All Things in Between collective click here.

To give you a teaser, here is the manifesto :

As designers As artists As makers As we go, we collect information and inspirations assembling outcomes with the intention of generating new ideas about the world we live in. But new ideas are not so readily distributed or categorised. All Things In Between exists as a platform for those ideas to be exhibited and shared with the people. Where we take these ideas and how they develop will depend upon the willingness of industry to modify tradition, methods and measurements, and the ability for the participants of this platform to consider the goals and dynamics of commercial outlets.
As part of London Design Festival we also co-ran series of workshops together with Berlin/Bratislava based Crafting Plastics! studio called Feel Free to Consume. Workshops were focused on understanding biodegradability and limited lifespan as feature of materials for value added products. Participants we encouraged to use variety of low tech methods for working with selected material range and make simple products accompanied by discussion with the workshop leaders.
To read more about Crafting Plastics! studio click here.

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