#gococonuts campaign is out!

Dear friends and supporters, last couple of months have been extremely challenging for everyone in India. Multiple lockdowns have made us face many difficulties on financial and production end.

A sudden state of emergency changed lives all of us and brought new fears, challenges and sorrows. Our production unit was closed for almost 2 months and without the regular income coming in it was extremely hard for us to function and support everyone who is a part of our team. We decided not to despair though and instead think creatively.

Our plan of action involves you too – as we believe you too would like to help us on our mission to bring more circular materials and products to the world. We decided to run a crowdfunding campaign once again and we are inviting all of you to join and support us. In return we have designed and prepared a collection of beautiful accessories you can choose from as your rewards.

The campaign is live now and will be running until the 3rd of August 2021. Please click on this link to direct you to the crowdfunding platform.

Please help us sustain ourselves so that we can survive these challenging times.

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