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Director, Business & Finance operations

Aqeel is Malai's newest member hailing from Kochi. He has a rich experience as a purchasing analyst (SAP) with a background in buying & logistics (expediting ). Aqeel is a family man and an entrepreneur with a positive spirit who believes that nothing is impossible.


Director, Material Researcher & Designer

Zuzana is a founding member & a soul of Malai. She comes from Slovakia and has been living in Kerala for past 3 years. Zuzana has a background in fashion and textile design and is a graduate of MA Material Futures (2014) where her intial interest in Bacterial Cellulose started. At Malai she is in charge of many tasks but her primary responsibilities cover material research & development, design & communication.


Sales & Marketing specialist

Sherry might most likely be your first point of contact with Malai. She is in charge of sample sales & material sales. She comes from Fort Kochi and apart from being wonderful addition to Malai's team she is also a talented poet.