Fin(it)e Collection

Fin(it)e is Malai’s first commercially available collection of accessories launched with the crowdfunding campaign successfully completed in 2019. 

Fin(it)e refers both to the notion of Fine and Finite - describing something good of its kind and also something that has definable limits. 

All the collection pieces are made using Malai bio-composite materials and as such are compostable at the end of their lives. 

We are often asked a question : how long will the material last? People expect the longevity of a material to be deterministic for the quality of the product. However from our perspective it is necessary to consider how long the material should last in its application as a fashion accessory. Fashion is always subject to change and taste and as such longevity of the material may not always be an advantage when it comes to the end of the life cycle. 

The collection is designed with circularity in mind. We designed and crafted pieces that have minimal aesthetics, that are functional and given good material care will last you as long as they should :)