Mrs. Libena Rochova is a fashion designer and artist with an atelier in Prague, Czech Republic. Over years of her practice she has become one of the most respected and influential fashion designers in Czech Republic exhibiting her work all over the world known for her individual approach and powerful story telling.
She was also one of the first designers we showed Malai to back in 2017 and we have always received good vibes and support from her.
On occasion of our crowdfunding campaign  Mrs. Libena prepared one of a kind design we love more and more day by day. Simple in its construction and form, this object can be used in many ways.
Combined with an orange cotton bag and stripy strap it can be worn as a casual tote bag.
Left on its own it acquires almost sculptural qualities and becomes a beautiful feature in your interior decor.
Beauty truly is in simplicity and I think here is the proof of it 🙂