Big News : We are launching a crowdfunding campaign!

Hello dear coconut lovers and believers in sustainability.

The time has come for us to move the goals of our production to the next level. We have spent last 2,5 years researching what are the best ways to make Malai and perfecting our craft.

However being located in Kerala also has its challenges. Last years we faced an extremely intense rainy season and floods, this year the rainy season has lasted for over 3 months. It has been incredibly difficult for us to function and produce during times like these.

For the next season we would like to prepare in advance and prepare adequately. And that is why we need your help!

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign on the 15/10/2019 that will last for 45 days on the Czech platform in order to raise funding for buying hydraulic press and sheet dryer.

As rewards we are offering a unique limited edition of accessories made from Malai materials!

How exciting is that ? 🙂

The rewards start on 8 Eur  and range from bracelets, pouches, wallets, tote bags and backpacks. We also have 2 exciting collaborations involved that we will revealed during the campaign.

Stay tuned! Let’s make this happen!

Team Malai.

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