Using Malai for making bags & accessories

Yes! This is where Malai performs the best so far. Being quite stiff & structural in nature it is suitable for any products that need to hold shape without requiring additional supporting materials.

We recommend 450 gsm for wallets and purses, 550 gsm for anything bigger but of course the choice of gsm also depends on the design of your product.

Malai can be sewn by hand of using industrial sewing machine. Leather goods making tools can be used for Malai too ( slicker, cutter, hot stamp, embossing, punches…).

If you have any question related to suitability of Malai for your design please don’t hesitate to contact us :

Below are few examples of bags made using Malai from various designers & brands ( Malai Studio, Playbag, Leeda, Kazeto)